The Parson Russell Terriers of Falling Branch

Please drop in and meet our Parson Russell Terriers, take a look at their photos and their pedigrees.

We look at those terriers we breed and those we purchase with a very critical eye. Because registration is no guarantee of breeding quality, we evaluate each individual with respect to conformation, genetic soundness and temperament. We live with our terriers and consequently, temperament and soundness is extremely important to us. Whether you want to show, breed or just to snuggle with your pet on the sofa, we know that you want a healthy, temperamentally sound terrier just as we do.

Every adult we own is BAER tested normal, annually CERF tested and has passed a rigorous orthopedic evaluation. Ten of our own terriers have earned JRTCA Bronze Medallions for Special Merit in the Field and most of the rest have one or more Natural Hunting Certificates.

We invite you to visit with our Parson Russell/Jack Russell Terriers both on the web and at home, in the mountains of Virginia.