Whelped:  July 15, 2005
Reg:  Reg. AKC RN086204/01
Health: BAER normal, CERF clear 2013
  Coat:  Rough
Colour:  Tri
Height:  14"

Sire:  CH Posey Canyon Storm Watch, AKC reg. RN009491/02
Dam:  CH Monterey Forever Clever, AKC reg. RM368052/01

CH Falling Branch Clever Design aka Desi represents the ultimate in style and structure of the traditional fox working Parson Russell Terrier. His pedigree is one of time honored, tried and true, proven terriers. He is our ideal Parson in every single way from his magnificient head and expression to his beautifully structured body. There is nothing ordinary about this young male. He has all the bone anyone could possibly want in a Parson, an extremely long, graceful neck, a properly placed, beautifully laid back shoulder, plenty of bend of stifle, and he can move both laterally and coming and going to perfection. Desi is the most coordinated, balanced terrier we've ever seen. He represents what we strive to produce at Falling Branch which is clearly a traditional type of terrier unspoiled by show ring fads. Desi is without a doubt the best of his wonderful sire, Tyke, and the best of his fabulous dam, Zorra.

Desi has that same loving, non aggressive temperament that we demand. He also has the show ring attitude to be a top show dog and the pedigree to be a top working terrier.

Desi is the quintessential wild man. His second show he went BOB over the specials and class entries. His third show he went WD and BW. The next two weekends he decided he was a puppy again and played the entire time in the ring. In Arizona in March 2008 he finished his championship with another major, but still very much a puppy. As many judges have said, when he gets his head together and mentally grows up to match his beautiful body he will be one to reckon with.

Watch for CH Falling Branch Clever Design in the AKC show ring in the future. He lives up to his name in spades. He is VERY cleverly designed. You won't find a more beautiful terrier or a cleaner mover, and you won't find one with more zest for life. Who could ask for anything more? This boy is eye candy!

Breeder Owner: Liz McKinney, Susan S. Reaney & Melissa White

Sire: Posey Canyon Storm Watch

Black & White - Broken - 12.5"
Reg. AKC RN00949102
Reg. UKC

Sire: CH Posey Canyon Summer Storm JE BROMO

T&W - Broken - 13"
Reg. AKC RM31569302

Sire: CH St. Amand Adam of PoseyCanyon ROM

T&W - Broken - 14.5"
Reg. AKC RM23538202

Sire: Briarpatch Bolt   
Reg. AKC RM221456/01, JRTCA 9-94A
Dam: Cedarsprings Hannah
Reg. AKC RM221674/01
Dam: Barksalot Charity ROM

T&W - Broken - 12"
Reg. AKC RM246351/03

Sire: CH Barsetta Ultra   
Reg. AKC RM243454/01
Dam: Barksalot Ka-Cee Calamity
Reg AKC RM220012/01
Dam: Morningstar Tiger Lily ROM

B&W, Broken, 13.5"
Reg AKC RM234544/05

Sire: Northwest Bar Doc (aka Westwood Hawkeye)

Tri - Broken - 14"

Sire: Westwood Contender
Dam: Melkridge Ballyhoo
Dam: Morningstar Witeout (aka Windermere Whiteout)

Reg/ AKC RM219890/01

Sire: Ravenswood Luke
Dam: Windermere Tess
Dam: CH Monterey Forever Clever

Tri - Lightly Broken - 14"
Reg. AKC RM368052/01, UKC P369-795

Sire: CH Eastlake Beacon

Tri - Broken - 14"
Reg. AKC #RM326562/01

Sire: Pengelli Bullet

Tri - Rough - 14"
Reg AKC RM175953/01

Sire: Jasper (D. Jones)
Dam: Pengelli Crisp
Dam: Eastlake Ava
Tri - Smooth - 12.5"
AKC # RM183144/01
Sire: Windy Hill Whippersnapper
Reg. JRTCA A183-89
Dam: Killare Kendall
Reg. JRTCA A 164-91
Dam: CH Fox Valley Flirt

Tri - Lightly Broken - 13"
Reg. AKC # RM284435/04, JRTCA, UKC
Sire: CH Fox Valley Viper
Tri - Broken - 13"
Reg AKC # RM207699/02
Sire: Barsetta Fugitive
Reg AKC RM185280/01
Dam: Fox Valley Fly
Reg AKC RM185282/01, JRTCA
Dam: Fox Valley Tonic
Tri - Broken - 13"
Reg. AKC RM203171/02, JRTCA
Sire: Riverview Flare of Fox Run
Dam: Fox Valley Kate