Whelped:  May 15, 2009
Reg:  Reg. AKC RN20347302
Health: BAER normal
  Coat:  Broken
Colour:  Tan & white
Height:  12.25"

Sire:  CH Edison's TNT Aftershock, AKC reg. RN03898705
Dam:  Emerald Fox Technicolor, AKC reg. RN07507803

AKC CH and UKC GCH Falling Branch Special Assignment aka Gibbs, is one of five from a long awaited breeding of CH Edison's TNT Aftershock (Tom) and Emerald Fox Technicolor. He shares the best of both parent's structural attributes, is a snuggler like Maxie and has Tom's "look at me, aren't I gorgeous" attitude.

Gibbs took to showing like a duck takes to water. He was incredible the first time he hit the show ring as a 5 month old baby at a UKC show where he was BIS puppy and Reserve BIS puppy. Once he turned 6 months of age, he quickly finished his UKC championshp and consistently beat everything that showed against him to be in the top 3 UKC ranked Parsons. In the AKC he started his show career with WD after WD and BW after BW. Gibbs easily finished his AKC championship and never put a foot down wrong. Gibbs went BOB his first weekend back in the show ring as a special and owner handled proving once again that it is quality and not size that matters. This boy lives to show!

Gibbs was purchased by Jaci Schwegler of Aiken, SC, where he will stand at stud and will continue his show career to finish his Grand Championship. And the great part about Gibbs' new home is we'll get to see him.

Sire: CH Edison's TNT Aftershock

Tan & White - Broken - 14"
Reg. AKC RN03898705

Sire: CH Posey Canyon Summer Storm

T&W - Rough - 13"
Reg. AKC RM31569302

Sire: CH St. Amand Adam of Posey Canyon

T&W - Broken - 14"
Reg. AKC RM23538202

Sire: CH Briarpatch Bolt
Reg: AKC RM22145601
Dam: Cedarsprings Hannah
Reg. AKC RM22167401
Dam: Barksalot's Charity

T&W - Broken - 12"
Reg. AKC RM24635103

Sire: Barsetta Ultra
Reg. AKC RM24345401
Dam: Barksalot's Ka-Cee Calamity
Reg. AKC RM22001201
Dam: CH Edison's Tennessee 'N time

T&W - Broken - 13"
Reg. AKC # RM 31606901

Sire: Foxwarren Dalesman

T&W - Broken - 15"
Reg AKC #

Sire: Foxwarren Flint III
Reg AKC RM23460501
Dam: Foxwarren Tan
Reg. KC England
Dam: Foxwarren Tara

Smooth - 12"
Reg. AKC RM22536801

Sire: Foxwarren Sport-II (England)
Dam: Foxwarren Pudding
Dam: Emerald Fox Technicolor

B & W - Broken - 12.75""
Reg. AKC RN07507803

Sire: CH Posey Canyon Storm Watch ROM

B&W - Rough - 12.5"
Reg. AKC RN00949102

Sire: CH Posey Canyon Summer Storm BROMO

T&W - Broken - 13"
Reg. AKC RM31569302

Sire: CH St. Amand Adam of Posey Canyon
T&W - Broken - 14"
Reg. AKC RM23538202
Dam: Barksalot Charity
T&W - Broken - 12"
Reg. AKC
Dam: Morningstar Tiger Lily

B&W - Broken - 13 1/2"
Reg. AKC RM23454405

Sire: Northwest Bar Doc
Reg. AKC RM21989101
Dam: Morningstar Witeout
B&W - Broken
Reg. AKC
Dam: Emerald Fox Lucky Charm

B&W - Broken - 13"
Reg. AKC RM32111701

Sire: CH Beano of Ravenswood

B&W - Broken - 12.5"
Reg. AKC RM21751701

Sire: Beacon Sam
B&W - Smooth - 13"
Dam: Queslett Blaze
Tri - Broken - 12"
Dam: CH Childs Play LillieBobs Gal

Tan - Broken - 14"
Reg. AKC RM27814202

Sire: CH Farmcliff Ben of Childs Play
Reg. AKC RM22021801
Dam: Alabiss Sassy Sonia
Reg. AKC RM23754903

Breeders: Liz McKinney