Whelped:  September 29, 2009
Reg:  Reg. AKC RN21276202
Health: BAER normal, CERF clear, patellas normal, PLL clear
  Coat:  Broken
Colour:  Tri
Height:  14"

Sire:  CH Falling Branch Clever Design, AKC reg. RN086204/01
Dam:  CH Childs Play Music To My Ears, AKC reg. RN099099/02

GCH River Glenn Play That Funky Music aka Roman, is one of the most incredible terriers I have ever had the pleasure to be associated with. He is the successful breeding of my outstanding CH Falling Branch Clever Design (Desi) with CH Childs Play Music To My Ears bred by Kelly Meeks-Childs. When Kelly decided to disperse her Parsons, Melissa White told Kelly to just ship the elegant, beautifully structured Music to her. Roman's pedigree is one of solid quality, properly structured terriers that exude breed type. And Roman is a true combination of the best attributes of both of his parents which is a breeder's dream!

Roman is my ideal in type and structure. He is pure eye candy and is poetry in motion when he moves. Roman's front is exceptional in every way. He has a beautiful, long neck that is properly tied into his body, a front assembly that is properly placed, shoulder well laid back and flowing into his withers. His chest is so easily spannable and flexible, and his bottom line stands witness to the correct shape. Roman has plenty of upper thigh and bend of stifle. And he just plain feels right in your hands--properly balanced and supple.

I am honored to be a part of "Team Roman", thrilled to have bred the male that sired him and excited to be associated with a group of terrier enthusiasts who are passionate about quality terriers. Roman is everything I look for in a Parson Russell from his coat, his structure, his movement, his type and the way he just fills your eye. Roman is owned by Leann McGregor in Portland, OR, and co-owned with his breeder, Melissa White, and Liz McKinney. Leann beautifully handled Roman to his championship. After a lot of consideration the three owners decided on Soni Jager as the handler to guide Roman's career, and under Soni's capable hands Roman finished his Grand Championship in style with eight majors and 31 points. I look forward to this magnificent dog's show career and the offspring he will produce. GCH River Glenn Play That Funky Music has all of the assets to make a positive impact in the show ring, on the gene pool and on our hearts.

Sire: CH Falling Branch Clever Design

Tri - Rough - 14"
Reg. AKC RN086204/01

Sire: CH Posey Canyon Storm Watch ROM

B&W - Rough - 12.5"
Reg. AKC RN00949102

Sire: CH Posey Canyon Summer Storm BROMO

T&W - Broken - 13"
Reg. AKC RM31569302

Sire: CH St. Amand Adam of Posey Canyon
Dam: Barksalot Charity ROM
T&W - Broken - 12"
Dam: Morningstar Tiger Lily

B&W - Broken - 13 1/2"
Reg. AKC RM23454405

Sire: Northwest Bar Doc

Dam: Morningstar Witeout

Dam: CH Monterey Forever Clever

Tri - Broken - 14"
Reg. AKC # RM36805201

Sire: CH Eastlake Beacon

Tri - Broken - 14"
Reg AKC # RM32656201

Sire: Pengelli Bullet
Reg AKC RM185280/01
Dam: Fox Valley Fly
Reg AKC RM185282/01,

Dam: CH Fox Valley Flirt

Tri - Broken - 13"
AKC RM28443504 & JRTCA

Sire: CH Fox Run Viper
Dam: Fox Valley Tonic
Dam: CH Childs Play Music To My Ears

Tan & White - Broken - 13"
Reg. AKC RN099099/02

Sire: Roxbury Zero To Sixty

Tan & White - Broken - 12.75"
Reg. AKC RN0676301

Sire: CH CH Terrier Turf Watchout

T&W - Broken - 13"
Reg. AKC RN01466002

Sire: CH Blackbriar Watch Me
T&W - Broken - 13"
Reg. AKC RM23756004
Dam: Sunray's Sara
T&W - Broken - 12.5"
Reg. AKC RM22040102
Dam: CH Roxbury's Out On Bayshore

Reg. AKC RN0067802

Sire: CH Howlbeck Uno Who
Tan & White
Reg. AKC RM23839880
Dam: CH. Eastlake Shiny Rocks
Reg. AKC RM31618403
Dam: CH Childs Play Fat Lady Singin' ROMX

Tan & White - Rough - 13"
Reg. AKC RM30051901

Sire: Willowall Angus

Tan & White - Rough - 14"
Reg. AKC RM17414801

Sire: Blencathra Muta

Reg. AKC RM17409902
Dam: Shotley Pentaginous
Reg AKC RM17409403
Dam: Terrier Turf Calypso

Tan & White - Broken - 13"
Reg. AKC RM24311703 & JRTCA

Sire: Terrier Turf Menace
Reg. AKC RM22040102 & JRTCA
Dam: Farmcliff Bear
Reg. AKC RM22040301

Breeders: Melissa White, River Glenn Terriers, Idaho