Whelped:  November 21, 2003
Reg:  Reg. AKC RN04464201
Health: BAER normal, CERF clear August '05
  Coat:  Broken
Colour:  Tri
Height:  14"

Sire:  CH Foxwarren Simon of Edison, AKC reg. RM347188/01
Dam:  CH Posey Canyon Tazlberi Delight, AKC reg. RM362337/02

CH Cedarsprings Contender aka Todd is everything we look for in a terrier in structure, type and sweet temperament. His sire, CH Foxwarren Simon of Edison, has won just about everything there is to win including BOS at the Westminster Kennel Club show, BOB at the Eukanuba Classic, an invitation to Crufts and finished the 2003 year as the number 2 All Breed Parson Russell Terrier in the United States. Simon is solidly Dodger bred both in pedigree and in looks. Todd's dam Taz, owned and shown all the way by Bonnie Short, comes from Jennifer Johnston's renowned Posey Canyon kennel in Washington state and was also one of the top ranked Parsons in the AKC in 2003, receiving an invitation to the Eukanuba Classic along with Todd's sire. Taz's sire is Karen Raduziner's CH Sandplum Ridge Lone Ranger, successful in his own right in the AKC show ring and in the AKC's top five Parson Russell Terriers 2 years in a row. Taz's dam if a full sister to our own CH Posey Canyon Dizzy Lizzy.

A pedigree just doesn't get any better than this, so when Bonnie Short decided to breed Taz to Simon we anxiously awaited the litter. When I saw the photos of the litter at 8 weeks of age instead of e-mailing Bonnie I picked up the phone and said, "PLEASE let me have that little male you call "Five Spots". I'll put the check in the mail in the morning." Bonnie's response was "Don't you want to see more pictures of him first?" My reply was, "Nope, I know what he is and he's exactly what I'm looking for." Once in a while for no reason that is easily explained a dog just hits you and you know it's right. Todd arrived at the Roanoke, VA airport two weeks later between Virginia snow storms with his tail up and wagging, ready to meet the world.

Todd is everything we adore in a terrier. He has a rock hard, dead straight jacket without even the hint of a wave and with plenty of undercoat. He has a gorgeous, expressive head. Todd has a long, elegant neck, layback of shoulder to rival the best of the best, and the longest, most laid back upper arm we've seen since Falling Branch David. He has tremedous bend of stifle and when you see his side gait you'll know this boy is perfectly balanced front to back. He has extreme reach and drive and is as clean laterally or coming and going as any dog of any breed can be. His topline is flawless, his tail set is perfect and his chest is properly shaped and oh so very spannable! Todd has full dentition, a perfect scissors bite and a winning personality and brains to go with his gorgeous looks. In short, he is just about as perfect a terrier as we have ever seen. It is obvious that the Simon-Taz cross was outstanding!

Todd has been lightly bred with only 3 litters on the ground that are old enough to show. Out of those litters are champion and numerous major pointed offspring; and so Todd is proving that he is as capable a sire as he is beautiful to look at.

Watch for Cedarsprings Contender in both the show ring. As this boy matures he is going to be something to watch--a top contender in any show ring. We couldn't be more pleased with any terrier and are grateful to Bonnie Short for allowing us the opportunity to bring him from Washington state to Virginia to join the Falling Branch gang. Todd is so very much our type of terrier. We look so forward to showing, hunting and breeding this boy. He had our name stamped on him the minute he entered this world! Todd brings to Falling Branch every attribute we value in a show and working terrier--bloodlines, structure and temperament. Kudos to you, Bonnie, for breeding such a rare and outstanding terrier!

Sire: CH Foxwarren Simon of Edison

Tri - Broken - 13.5"
Reg. No. RM347188/01 AKC

Sire: Foxwarren Flint III

T&W - Rough - 14"
Reg. No. TKC-England

Sire: Foxwarren Flint II

Reg. No. TKC-England

Sire: Foxwarren Sport II
Dam: Foxwarren Rags
Dam: Foxwarren Contessa

Sire: Foxwarren Flint III
Dam: Foxwarren Thistle II
Dam: Foxwarren Bell II

Reg. No. TKC-England

Sire: Foxwarren Sammy

Reg. No.

Sire: Foxwarren Sport II
Dam: Dinlanzet Minty of Foxwarren
Dam: Foxwarren Thatch

Reg. No.

Sire: Bracken of Knightwood
Reg. No. GB 181-86
Dam: Foxwarren Nell
Reg. No. BA 1142/95
Dam: CH Posey Canyon Tazlberi Delight

Tri - Broken - 12 1/2"
Reg. No. RM36233702

Sire: CH Sandplum Ridge Lone Ranger

Tri - Broken - 13"
Reg. AKC RM34036404

Sire: Eastlake Turk

Tri - Broken
Reg. AKC RM25025202

Sire: CH Loblolly Tanglewood
Reg. JRTCA & AKC RM19921501
Dam: Eastlake Tanner Reg. AKC RM18212101
Dam: Sandplum Ridge Mystique

Reg. AKC RM31170501 Reg. No. AKC

Sire: Snow Winds Zipper
Reg. AKC RM20332001
Dam: Snow Winds Musique
Reg. AKC RM27708801
Dam: CH Posey Canyon Joyful Noel

Black & White - 13.5"
Reg. No. AKC RM325288/02

Sire: CH Posey Canyon Percival

B&W - Broken
Reg. No. AKC RM29102103

Sire: CH St. Amand Adam of Posey Canyon
T&W - Broken - 14"
Reg. AKC RM23538202
Dam: Silver Creek White Diamond
Reg. AKC RM23695604
Dam: Morningstar Tiger Lily ROM

B&W - Broken - 13.5"
Reg. AKC

Sire: Norwest Bar Doc (aka Westwood Hawkeye)

Reg. AKC RM21989101 & JRTCA
Dam: Morningstar Witeout
Reg. No. AKC RM21989001

Breeder: Bonnie Short, Washington