Whelped:  August 30, 2002
Reg:  Reg. AKC RN00949102
Health: BAER normal, CERF clear July 31, 2008
  Coat:  Rough
Colour:  Black & White
Height:  12.5"

Sire:  CH Posey Canyon Summer Storm JE, AKC reg. RM315693/02
Dam:  Morningstar Tiger Lily, AKC reg. RM234544/05

CH Posey Canyon Storm Watch ROM aka Tyke is our second Posey Canyon Russell from Jennifer Johnston in Washington state. Tyke's sire is the 2003 number 1 AKC producer of champions. Tyke's dam is also the dam of our CH Posey Canyon Dizzy Lizzy. We just plain love the pedigree of Morningstar Tiger Lily which is 100% JRTCA breeding and jam packed with proven working and winning terriers. Lily has produced champion after champion, and her offspring are producing the same litter after litter. So it just made sense that you can't have too much of a good thing!

Tyke represents everything a conscientious working Russell breeder dreams about. He has a perfectly laid back, properly placed shoulder to go along with that graceful, long neck, plenty of bend of stifle, a gorgeous big square head, a dense straight coat and a miniscule chest. At 12 1/2" Tyke can get anywhere in the ground he needs to go. And Tyke predictably has the loving, non aggressive, tractible temperament that Posey Canyon terriers are known for.

Tyke started his show career in Florida in January 2006 where the majors broke all but a couple of days. Tyke went to Atlanta, GA, where majors were listed all three days. The majors held, and Tyke, expertly handled by Beveryly Wright-Osment, went WD on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday the boy went BOB from the classes over the 6 specials, many of them nationally ranked, to finish his championship in style.

Watch for Posey Canyon Storm Watch in both the UKC and the AKC show ring. Many thanks to Jennifer Johnston for allowing us the opportunity to own such a fabulous boy in small package--something that AKC Russells need a lot more of. And many thanks to Beverly Wright-Osment who is one the most talented handlers and the nicest women you'll ever meet.

CH Posey Canyon Storm Watch isn't just a pretty face. He is proving himself to be a prepotent stud dog. His first litter produced Susan Reaney's CH Emerald Fox In Vogue, shown to her championship out of the BBE class and taking 4 BOB owner-handled all the way. Tyke's second litter out of CH Monterey Forever Clever will debut in 2006 with 4 of his offspring being shown in the US, one in Germany and one in Singapore. One pup from that litter, Falling Branch Mr. Balou, finished his championship in 4 days at in Portland, OR, shown by owner Claudia Sprague. The proof of any stud dog is what he produces, and Tyke is consistently producing outstanding offspring out of every bitch he has been bred to. Who could ask for anything more?

Sire: CH Posey Canyon Summer Storm BROMO

T&W - Broken - 13"
Reg. AKC RM31569302

Sire: CH St. Amand Adam of Posey Canyon ROM

T&W - Smooth - 14"
Reg. AKC RM23538202

Sire: Briarpatch Bolt

T&W - Broken - 13 1/2"
Reg. AKC RM22145601
Reg. JRTCA 90-94A

Sire: Briarpatch Bo
Reg. JRTCA 258-94A
Dam: Be Nimble Nettle
T&W - Broken - 13"
Reg. JRTCA A55-92
Dam: Cedar Springs Hannah

Tri - Broken - 13 1/2"
Reg. AKC RM22167401

Sire: Briarpatch Grit
JRTCA Bronze Medallion
Reg. JRTCA 7-94A
Dam: Little Fox Storm Cloud
Tri - Broken - 12 1/2"
Dam: Barksalot's Charity

Tan & White - Broken - 12"
Reg. AKC RM24635103

Sire: Barsetta Ultra

Tri - Smooth - 14"
Reg. AKC RM24345401

Sire: Barsetta Edward
Reg. KC England
Dam: Barsetta Quaint
Reg. KC England
Dam: Barksalot's Ka Cee Calamity

Reg. AKC RM22001201

Sire: Ka Cee Survivor
Tan & White - Smooth - 12"
Reg. JRTCA 780-94A
Dam: Lexington of Ka Cee
Tan & White- Broken - 13"
Dam: Morningstar Tiger Lily ROM

B&W - Broken - 13 1/2"
Reg. AKC RM23454405

Sire: Northwest Doc Bar (aka Westwood Hawkeye)

Reg. AKC RM21989101 & JRTCA

Sire: Westwood Contender

T&W - Broken - 12 1/2"
Reg. JRTCA 707-95A

Sire: Merrills Mountain Crackers
Tri - Smooth - 12 3/4"
Reg. JRTCA 391-94A
Dam: Westwood Whim
T&W - Rough - 11 1/2"
Reg. JRTCA 267-93A
Dam: Melkridge Ballyhoo of Westwood

T&W - Smooth - 13 1/4"
Reg. JRTCA 130-90A

Sire: Woodluck Hardwood
T&W - Rough
Dam: Pipo of Melkridge
T&W - Broken
Reg. JRTCA 157-89A
Dam: Morningstar Witeout

White - Rough - 12 3/4"
Reg. AKC RM21989001

Sire: Ravenswood Luke

B&W - Broken

Sire: Ravenswood Reflex
B&W - Smooth - 12 1/2"
Reg. AKC RM179193/02, JRTCA C633-93
JRTCA Bronze Medallion
Dam: Beacon Jangle
B&W - Rough - 13 1/2"
Reg JRTCA E324-91, JRTCGB GB095-89
Dam: Windermere Tess

B&W - Broken - 13"

Sire: CH Beano of Ravenswood
B&W - Broken - 12 1/2"
JRTCA Bronze Medallion
Dam: Windermere White Witch
White - Broken - 13 1/2"

Breeder: Jennifer Johnston, Washington