Links to Useful Medical Information

Deafness in Dogs and Cats -- Dr. George Strain, PhD, has put together a most complete website on deafness in dogs and cats. Included on Dr. Strain's site are discussions about the genetics, anatomy, and physiology of deafness and a list of BAER testing sites throughout the United States. The site also has information about training deaf dogs. We highly recommend a visit to and thorough reading of Dr. Strain's remarkable website.

OFA site -- If you want to know about orthopedic diseases and the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, it's right here. A must to visit and read!

Diseases of the Eye -- If you want to know about eye diseases this is the place to go. You'll also find links to other health and eye related sites here. Another must to visit and essential to read!

Ehrlichiosis -- Read about this deadly problem that Jack Russell Terrier owners have encountered in the past few years.

Cerf Page -- This link is the official page for the Canine Eye Registry Foundation.

Animal CPR -- This website features animal CPR, a must for all of us whose terriers are constantly getting into trouble.

AVMA On line -- This is the American Veterinary Medicine Association website with lots of interesting information.

DVM News Magazine -- This is the news magazine of veterinary medicine. Interesting site and well worth cruising.

Immune Disorders of Dogs -- This site was a wonderful find and discusses immune disorders of dogs including such problems as immune mediated hemolytic anemia, demodex, lupus and other immune mediated diseases.

Veterinary Oncology -- Interested in reading about veterinary oncology? You'll find it here.