List of Hunting Equipment -- by Lynn Grimsley and Liz McKinney

Deben locator collar and box: If you have multiple terriers you plan to hunt we advise two collars.


      JRTNNC: (916) 775-1973 email:

      Dick Fenton, Iowa: (515) 472-4942 email:

      JRTCA: (410) 560-9958 email:

Extra batteries for your collar and box. Do NOT use zinc air batteries!

Electrical tape to tape your battery cap

Field Equipment:

  • Hunting license for your state

  • Post hole diggers: purchase a good heavy pair. True Value hardware stores have an excellent set of heavy diggers with red fiber glass handles for about $50-55. Don't waste your money on small or cheap diggers.

  • Bar—we use a 5/8" to 3/4", tempered steel, 5 sided bar with one pointed end and one flattened end. The bar is approximately 5 feet long. You MUST be able to carry it.

  • Long handled shovel

  • Short handled shovel

  • Yoho shovel—this is a very small shovel that will fit in your back-pack used to clear dirt from the tunnel

  • Wire cutters—heavy duty

  • Snare—can be purchased from any farm supply store. It is often called a "pig catcher" or hog catcher"

  • Coon tongs—can be purchased from Bill Boatman Hunting Supplies

  • Small limb saw to saw through roots

  • A good hunting knife—we use one that folds to go in a backpack or fanny pack

  • Small caliber pistol (such as a 22) and a license to own/carry a pistol

  • Flashlight

For Your Terrier:

  • Large water bottle of fresh drinking water

  • Gator ade

  • Saline solution to wash your terrier's eyes

  • Nutrical to give a terrier that has been working hard instant nutrition

  • blood stopper powder

  • Family size tea bags—wet them and apply pressure to stop bleeding

  • Vetwrap and surgical tape

  • Bottle of skunk off

  • Phone numbers of several vets in the area

  • A cell phone with extra charged battery

  • In the winter: plenty of dog coats/sweaters, towel, large blanket. This is a MUST!

For You:

  • Good water proof, insulated boots

  • Clothes you don't mind not wearing in public again

  • Leather work gloves

  • Make sure you have more than adequate clothing in the winter and dress in layers. You can always take off layers but if you are cold you can't add them. Ski bibs are wonderful in the winter.

Good luck and good hunting!